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Why Sales Management is key to transforming sales

When I discuss sales in the new normal with sales leaders, the initial focus is almost always on the sales reps and how they need to change. Yes, many companies now need to implement changes in the sales reps’ work patterns, their sales patterns in each meeting, in the way of working throughout the sales process. Sales reps must learn and relearn over a long period to adapt to customers’ changing demands, digitalization and to provide value. But, who is responsible to make that change happen? That’s right – the sales manager! Have you considered what the sales manager should do to makes this happen? How should the sales manager set objectives, support, develop, follow-up, coach and develop sales reps to succeed in the new way of working? If the sales manager continues working as before, how likely is it your team will change? We have learnt that you need to help sales managers by setting expectations for which activities the sales manager should do to ensure sales reps perform, and the frequency of these activities. For instance; the role as a coach and trainer will become crucial to transform your sales reps. Through the 4roles™ model you can identify these activities and demands on the frequency or scope. To find out more about 4roles™ and modern sales management, download our whitepaper, link in the comments.


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