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Sales Excellence implemented

3S helps our clients to turn sales strategy, plans and changes into daily and concrete actions and behavior, combining unique and tested concepts, tools and methods with consultants that have senior sales management and sales excellence experience. 

Our clients face increasingly complex business challenges: Digitalization, new purchasing patterns and increased competition drive a need for new ways of working, new sales processes and new tools to be implemented faster and more efficiently than ever before, 3S helps to implement Value Based selling, enter into new verticals, to sell complex solutions or enter high and early, or other strategic changes with an impact for how you sell.

By building a structure and a systematic approach for sales and sales management on all levels, and efficiently implementing it into a geographically spread organization, our clients achieve sustainable and scalable sales.

Sales Excellence demands a foundation of four pillars:

  • A sales process adapted to customers buying pattern, detailing clear steps, activities and milestones

  • Clear expectations on activities and tasks, including standards, based on the sales process

  • Tools and support enabling the sales organization to execute expected tasks

  • A follow-up and feedback structure ensuring continuous development and corrective action for under performance


A sales organization that can adapt to future changes, that optimizes the potential in the market and effectively implements strategy is ultimately achieved.



”100% successful transformation”

Ignacio Sepulveda,

Sales Director Europé, nVent Hoffman

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Electrolux Professional



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