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Research for insight and action

3S Research delivers bespoke solutions based on specific customer requirements in four areas: change, customer, employee and platform solutions.


Research is an integral part of all Sales Transformation projects because sales transformation demands facts. It is not enough to have a gut feeling about your company’s most important challenge. When designing change programs, having in-depth knowledge about the current situation is vital. And when implementing change, monitoring the progress enables rapid reactions and improved manageability of the process.


3S has deep specialist competence in research. Our customers have very high demands. They might have a geographically distributed complex organization with different languages and cultures. Or they have a leadership model or a gotomarket model that requires specific methods of getting insights. Or they put a lot of emphasis on getting action out of the research results.

Companies who need a standard survey to check the box that they asked their customers or employees can find better suppliers. Our customers have higher ambitions and demands.


3S only delivers bespoke solutions based on specific customer requirements but our offering can be divided into four areas

  • Change transformation research – supporting an ongoing change management process

  • Customer research – getting real insight in the customers’ minds

  • Employee research – monitoring and managing the engagement in the organization

  • SurveyTool – Our own research platform, licensed to selected customers



”I have KPI’s on sales, profits and performance, but in a geographically spread organization it is impossible to know how the local units are implementing the new strategy and culture.


With a survey closely connected to the attitudes and behaviours needed to implement strategy and culture we receive facts about where to focus attention in order to help each local unit to increase speed of implementation.”

 Stefan Lampa

President, ABB Robotics




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