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Discover your unique roadmap to Value-based Selling

Everyone talks about Value-based Selling. About enabling growth with profitability for premium B2B suppliers.


But what does it mean to have a value based approach to sales? And what new demands does it put on your sales organization, sales process and sales methodology. And to what extent do you need to upgrade your sales management practices in order to actually implement it?


These are some of the questions you will get answers for in 3S’ new workshop: Growth by Value-based Selling

The Growth by Value-based Selling workshop consists of a business simulation game where the team manages the growth of a fictive country sales organization, in combination with lectures, individual and group exercises aiming to assess the current status and potential for value based selling in your organization. The gamification of the content creates engagement, learning and teamwork.

Here is what you need to master


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Value-based selling is all about changing the perspective from inside-out to outside-in. What is your value proposition? How do you add value to your customers? Are you able to quantify the value? How do you develop sales patterns to influence customer decision makers?


Planning for growth is about defining if you want to grow by taking market share or developing new markets. The value you provide to customers are fundamentally different and the sales approach needs to be adapted.

ManagingValue basedsales

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Selling by value implies new ways of sales planning, new customer segmentation, new KPIs and new needs of skills and competence development. The result? You also need a new way of managing sales.

The workshop is available in two versions



  • The perfect VBS sales meeting 

  • Value Creation Assessment


  • Strategic direction – value disciplines

  • Growth planning

  • VBS – different ways of growing

  • Growth planning and segmentation

  • Customer buying potential                 and nurturing strategies

  • Sales planning, customer potential

  • RACE

  • Sales rep complete sales plan &           implementation challenges

  • Sales Management -4roles

  • The role of the sales director

  • The Playbook

  • One day

  • In-person or digital

  • Business game

  • Value Based Selling concepts
    and models

  • Growth planning and sales management 

  • Complete report:
      Road to Value Based Selling

Price : € 7,000




  • Half day

  • In-person or digital

  • Business game

  • Value-Based Selling concepts
    and models

  • Condensed report:
      Road to Value Based Selling

  • The perfect VBS sales meeting

  • USP/UBP 

  • Growth planning

  • VBS – different ways of growing

  • Growth planning and segmentation

  • Customer buying potential and            nurturing strategies

  • Sales planning, customer potential 

  • Sales rep complete sales plan &           implementation challenges

Price : € 4,000

Price : € 7,000

Who should attend? And why?

Management teams

that have to plan for how the organization needs to adapt and prepare for Value-based selling

The workshop will provide the team with tools and insights on how to organize the company and plan for growth.

Sales management

that need to prepare on how to implement Value-based selling.

The workshop will provide the team with insights and tools on how to organize the sales teams and plan for growth.

Teams of highly
developed sales reps

 that need to be challenged and inspired.  

The workshop will provide the team with insights and tools on how to prioritize their customer base and sales time and plan for growth.

What will you get out of the workshop?


Insights and a common view within the team on the status, opportunities obstacles, and way forward of the sales organization in terms of Value-based selling. The workshop will provide guidence on how to adapt your sales in all perspectives.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 20.00.09.png
Strategic direction​
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 20.14.57.png
Customer base planning
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 20.31.59.png
Sales Process
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 21.18.34.png
Sales Methodology
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 21.18.04.png
Sales management

Tailored Report

Roadmap to Value-based selling

3S Book

Managing B2B Sales 2025
Managing B2B Sales 2025:
Value Based Selling and how to implement it

Our Satisfied Customers

3S has for years partnered up with many of Sweden's leading B2B companies in designing and implementing sales excellence. As a part of these projects, we have developed a business simulation game in order to increase insight in management teams. Now we offer this methodology as a stand-alone product.


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