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Free Value Based Selling Webinar



Free Webinar

How Value-Based is your sales?

Will you be able to achieve profitable growth without a value-based approach to sales? What consequences will value-based selling have on your organization?
Welcome to a webinar on how to Grow by Value-Based Selling. For one hour we will introduce you to a business game that takes you through vital building blocks of creating sales teams where time and energy is focused on the customers and activities with the highest potential of generating growth and value.

Free Webinar:
Every Wednesday from March 15th until May 15th
9:00-10:00 CET

・One hour Webinar
・Presentation of Business Game
・Value-Based Selling concepts and models
・Experience sharing with other participants
・Free of charge

What’s in it for you?

The webinar will give you insights into how to initiate a Value-Based sales transformation in your organization. The benefits of Value-Based segmentation, fact-based growth planning and activity-based sales plans. The importance of identifying your sales organization’s challenges of both taking market share and growing the market.
All participants will get a 70% discount on our book “Managing B2B Sales 2025 –
Value-Based Selling and how to implement it”. This book provides further tools, methods, and examples of how to implement Value-Based Selling for growth in B2B Sales.

Managing B2B Sales 2025
Value Based Selling and
how to implement it

A Free Webinar every Wednesday
between 9:00-10:00 CET.

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