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Sales Excellence implemented

Product-focused selling is dead, solution selling is dying, and web-based selling is on the rise. The customer is now (almost) as well informed about your offering as you are, and also more demanding than ever before.

This book is primarily intended for senior executives in sales such as CEOs and Sales Directors, and also for more operational roles such as regional & local Sales Management. We aim to provide insights, models, practical examples, motivation and guidance for anyone who needs to implement a value based approach.

More and more companies are deciding to exploit the potential of digitalization while also maintaining perceived value for their customers, thus allowing the companies to retain or increase prices and margins on selected parts of their business. This is how value based selling fits in with that strategy.

Managing B2B Sales 2025 demonstrates what value based selling really is and how you can implement it throughout your entire sales organization. The book covers the following areas, among others:

  • Why value based selling is the solution for sales organizations exposed to tougher competition, price pressure, digitalization and altered purchasing behaviours.

  • Practical description of tools to use before, during and after Value Based Selling sales meetings.

  • Insight into how value based selling requires time, resources and new demands for all parts of a sales organization.

  • An in-depth look at success factors for when implementing value based selling in practice.

  • How successful companies measure and monitor the strategic change value based selling entails.

  • Many practical examples from successful, value based companies.

  • A case study illustrating how value based selling can be implemented.

The challenge when implementing value based selling is the same as in other far-reaching strategic changes: making it happen, and making it last. The authors hope and trust that this book will help more companies to get ready for successful B2B sales in 2025.

Order the book directly from us below. The price of the book is 350 SEK, plus cost of postage.​

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