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5 reasons why digitalization might NOT replace your Sales reps

You may believe that digitalization will replace all or some of your sales reps. Yes, purchasing processes are becoming more digitalized. But, if you sell B2B solutions demanding many components or modules, your purchasing is becoming more complex. Often, customers are not sure what their needs are, what problems should be solved or which solutions are available. More people are involved in purchasing, and it is easy to drown in all information. All this means there is a place for your sales reps to help clients find the best solution, specifically if your company offers premium solutions with added value. But it also means your sales must be based on the value your sales rep AND your company can deliver. If your sales reps aren’t selling value they will be replaced by more efficient channels (a channel that costs less and provides the same and limited added value), or competitors will replace your company. Can your sales reps deliver added value, that a digital channel can’t? Or do they speak product and price? Find out much more about the future of B2B Sales by logging in to the 3S Knowledgebank.


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