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A genuine success story!

Ignacio Sepulveda, VP Sales of nVent Hoffman Europe

Meet Ignacio Sepulveda, VP Sales of nVent Hoffman Europe based in Madrid. nVent Hoffman is a global provider of solutions and products like enclosures, climate control, racks and cabinets to optimize panel shop operations and job site efficiency, part of US-based nVent.

A few years ago Ignacio set out to transform his sales organization. He has together with his local teams successfully built and developed a salesforce that is outperforming the market.

Ignacio has managed to get his team across Europe to focus on value creation for their clients, thereby growing sales and defending margins, at the same time fully integrating the company into nVent after the acquisition.

As Ignacio says: “We have changed completely the way that we are working, and we have implemented a new sales methodology. It is a 💯% successful transformation.“

Do you also see a need to transform your sales organization?

Contact me or any of my colleagues, or download insights from our Knowledge Bank to learn more.

Johan Carlsson, Managing Partner 3S


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