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ABB Robotics

The market for robots is growing rapidly, and ABB Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers. Overall, ABB has more than 300,000 robots installed worldwide and subsidiaries that sell and deliver robots and service in 52 countries.

Challenge The company needs to quickly and efficiently reach out with new products, sales processes, tools and other key initiatives in its global sales organization. The company has invested considerable resources in developing the sales reps with both education, support and tools. In order for this change to be effective and implemented, Sales Management has been identified as a key factor.

3S solution 3S supports ABB by implementing a “Sales Management System,” consisting of clarifying roles, activities and behavior that makes clear WHAT the sales managers, country managers and sales director are required to do. Furthermore, tools for sales management are developed, defining HOW the activities are to be carried out, and finally ensuring that there is adequate and relevant skills and ability to perform these activities.

Result 3S Sales Management System ensures that management by objectives works efficiently at all levels. That means better forecasts, easier to share experiences and best practices, earlier signals about and why something does not go as it should be, and an organization that plan and act for cause and effect, meaning what needs to be done and developed to achieve the set goals. Ultimately, it provides a self-leading and self-evaluating organization where management achieve controllability, ie organizational change and evolve in line with decisions and new directions.


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