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Sales management as a key driver to success!

Pierre Bonel, Chief Business Development Officer, Hillebrand

Pierre Bonel is the Chief Business Development Officer for Hillebrand, a global logistics company with offices around the world, specialized on Wine, Beverages, Spirits and also Bulk logistics.

With +25 years of experience in Hillebrand Pierre is without exaggeration a legend in the industry!

Under Pierre’s management from Barcelona, sales in Hillebrand has for many years grown constantly to 1,33 Billion USD and 60+ offices around the world, with a customer satisfaction and loyalty that is industry leading, and the company recently being acquired by Deutsche Post/DHL.

From continuous training to process and tool development, Pierre has a focus on the Sales Manager as a key role in the sales organization to motivate their teams, drive performance and reach targets.

“There is a regrettably a lot of unpractical nonsense being preached in sales consulting, often because the audience don’t understand sales themselves. The quality and simplicity of concepts were instrumental to start addressing the challenges we had in sales management in my organization back in 2007, grow people and enable them to climb the path of mastery in sales management” says Pierre.


Do you also see a need to transform your sales organization?

Contact me or any of my colleagues, or download insights from our Knowledge Bank to learn more.

Johan Carlsson, Managing Partner 3S


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