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Why USP is dead and why you should use UBP instead

SP is based on what your company as a supplier believes makes your offering unique. This is thinking from the inside out, starting from your own solution and thinking about how best to sell it.

To succeed in sales now, the opposite is required, i.e. to start from the value for your customer, and based on that describe how your solutions create value.

This is thinking from the outside in.

Instead you should use UBP, Unique Buying Point. This means clarifying why the customer should buy your solution, and why the customer should buy from your company.

In short, you need to understand how the customer thinks when they think about your solution!

Your sales reps need to be able to answer the following three questions:

  • What value your company’s solution add for the customer?

  • What degree of benefit does this create for the customer?

  • How does your solution differ from those of competitors?

Can your sales reps respond professionally to these questions?

If not, drop me a DM or find out more about Value Based Selling from the 3S Knowledgebank.


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