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What is the role of a modern SALES DIRECTOR?

We are currently researching the challenges, demands, work pattern and main tasks for a Sales Director/VP Sales in a global/Intl setting and what makes them successful, and have so far made +25 interviews. We want to talk to more insightful Sales Directors as input to a coming book and Sales Director concept.

Participating companies among others so far have been: ABB Sandvik Electrolux prof nVent Saab Systemair Kanthal CSI Leasing Inc Wilo Group EPLAN Habia Cable Schneider Electric Bravida and more.

Are you interested?

We will share our findings and best practice during the interview. An experienced consultant and former VP Sales will ask questions to make you reflect on your own job, your own work pattern and what brings success. You will receive white papers this spring and a book on this important subject during the coming fall.

Here are examples of key activities we have seen up until now:


  • Sales process and sales pattern development

  • Establish procedures/systems for meetings and follow-up (performance reviews, coaching meetings, joint visits, etc.)

  • Produce a sales manual and sales management manual


  • Instruct, delegate and establish expectations on roles and activities for Sales Managers/ Country Managers

  • Include KPIs (leading and Qualitative) as a fixed point on the agenda in business reviews

  • With targeted efforts inspire sales reps and Sales Managers locally


  • Ongoing coaching of Sales Managers, primarily on key markets

  • Organize ‘train the trainers’ for local Sales Managers to build their ability to train/develop their sales staff

  • Produce trainer support material for Sales Managers


  • Test new sales processes and sales patterns, play an active part in pilot markets

  • Schedule joint visits with sales companies (physical and/or digital), thus being a role model

  • Ensure local adaptation of sales patterns

Contact us if you are interested in participating:

Learn more about the modern Sales Director and download Sales Director Whitepaper from our website.

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